Wrapping Up the Fantasy Baseball Season

by Howard Bender on September 30, 2013

MarianoAnd just like that, the fantasy baseball season is over. Though it was officially six grueling months, eight if you count the prep work during Spring Training, the season still seemed to fly by quicker than I could could imagine. They say that time flies when you’re having fun and for me, the fantasy baseball season is a blast, so point well taken to whomever came up with that old adage.

The season was filled with some of the most incredible highs and some of the most heartbreaking lows. We saw the elation that comes from throwing a no-hitter on three separate occasions this season and as well as the sadness and resentment that comes from yet another PEDs scandal. We saw the debut of Cuban sensation Yasiel Puig and watched Mariano Rivera, with tears in his eyes, walk off the mound he’s called home for the last 19 years for the very last time. We saw the Pittsburgh Pirates break a 20-year losing streak while the Chicago Cubs continued theirs…105 years and counting. Each and every year, this game never ceases to amaze me.

Player recap articles will be coming throughout the next month as we watch the MLB playoffs and anxiously await the crowning of the 2013 World Series champions, but for now, let’s just give a quick portfolio review and see if I was able to put my money where my mouth is. Feel free to share your own results in the comments section, but this is how I fared…

Cooperstown Classic: 13 team, mixed, 5×5 standard roto, keeper league — 1st Place

It was an intense battle throughout the year as I went from dead last on May 1st to first place on September 1st, a lead I would not relinquish. Special thanks to Mike Trout, Greg Holland, Jean Segura and Anibal Sanchez.

The Diamond League: 10 team, mixed, head to head — 1st Place

Thanks to names like Chris Davis, Jean Segura, Carlos Gonzalez and Matt Harvey, I was able to dominate all season long. Things got a little hectic over the final month and a half with crazy injuries, but I was able to continue my winning ways in the playoffs with such late-season greats as Kole Calhoun and Darin Ruf.

The Stoned Pony League: 15 team, mixed, 5×5 standard roto — 1st Place

I was a trading machine in this league simply because it’s not usually my style. Many of the trades worked in my favor while a few of them failed. But all in all, this one was my most dizzying league as it was nearly impossible to keep track of who was on my roster. Some of the mainstays who helped me along included Miguel Cabrera, Paul Goldschmidt, Chris Davis, Jean Segura and Greg Holland.

The Last Waltz: 13 team, mixed, 5×5 roto (OBP instead of AVG), keeper league — 2nd Place

Impossible to pull off a trade in this league. Crazy impossible. But with a few savvy waiver claims throughout the year, I went from 10th in late May to 2nd in late July where I maintained my http://www.rotobuzzguy.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpposition unable to catch the leader. I came withing three points in early September, but I just couldn’t break through. Some of the men who helped me through the tough times included Paul Goldschmidt, Adrian Beltre, Adam Jones, Yu Darvish and yes, once again, Greg Holland.

Fox Sports Experts League: 12 team, mixed, 5×5 roto (OBP instead of AVG) — 3rd Place

I stayed competitive in this league right from the start, but one big flaw on draft day — outfield neglect. We only started three outfielders and though the position was extremely deep, I just couldn’t seem to assemble a group to my liking. Pitching was a big key for me in this league as Hisashi Iwakuma, Jordan Zimmermann and a surprising Travis Wood did me right all year. I had great closers and all of my bargain pitchers seemed to work out beautifully.

Fantasy Pros 911 Experts League: 11 team, AL-only, 5×5 roto — 3rd Place

While I had Chris Davis and Evan Longoria anchoring my offense, it was the pitching performances of Hisashi Iwakuma, Alex Cobb, David Price, C.J. Wilson and yes, Jeremy Guthrie who helped me along this season. Single-league player pools are always tough and the waiver wire bidding was not kind to me. I still managed to hang around in the top three for most of the year.

FSWA Jack Moore League: 12 team, mixed 5×5 roto (OBP and SLG instead of HR and AVG) — 5th Place

I was in this one right from the start, never sitting below sixth place at any point. Hovered in second place for most of the summer until a miscalculation left without any more starts and from there I fell back to 5th. What can you do? Can’t win if you can’t pitch.

RotoWire Staff League: 17-team, mixed, 5×5 standard roto, keeper — 5th Place

I was hanging around the middle to bottom end of the pack when a few trades to improve my bullpen and my speed launched me as high up as 1st place for a short stretch in July. Alas, I was unable to overcome my competition’s ability to trade some nice cheap protects (auction league) to bulk up on the overpriced studs that no one would keep. Not too bad considering I did this draft from the Phoenix airport in the middle of March.

Fantasy Alarm Staff League: 11 team, mixed, 5×5 standard roto — 6th Place

Hung around the top three or four for the majority of the season after finishing April near the bottom. Had a tough time keeping up with waivers in this one as it was first-come, first served. People were on every free agent like white on rice, especially one guy who finished the season with 172 roster moves. I had 34 and the average was 48. Injuries and a lack of dedication near the end saw me drop to the six-hole.

FanGraphs ottoneu Staff League: 10 team, mixed, 5×5 standard roto — 7th Place

I was dead in the water in this one from the word go. It was a big auction draft that almost never happened and when it all was finally organized, I was already committed to another draft at the time. I’ve done simultaneous auctions before, but with the FanGraphs guys, I never stood a chance without a proper strategy implemented. Outside of maybe a week or two in April, I don’t think I spent any time in the top half of the standings.

KFFL Experts League: 12 team, mixed 5×5 standard roto — 9th Place

You’ve never seen injuries like I saw injuries in this one. From Jason Heyward to Troy Tulowitzki to Zack Greinke, I lost players at a ridiculously rapid rate throughout the entire season. No matter how you spend your FAAB money, there are just some things you can’t overcome.

So there you have it, fantasy sports fans. The season is officially in the books and, for the most part, my life is my own again. Eleven leagues is an awful lot of work, if I may say so. I might have to pare it down a bit next year.



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