Welcome to Peepapalooza13

by Howard Bender on March 29, 2013

Peepapalooza13 is here!

Peepapalooza13 is here!

We interrupt our normal fantasy baseball coverage to bring you the following message:

We often hear the term “perfect storm” tossed about on a regular basis. By definition, it is a particularly violent storm arising from a rare combination of adverse meteorological factors. However many of us use the term to describe things happening in our lives when the world throws what feels like a million and one things at us at the same time. It is this use of the term that is hitting me like a ton of bricks this Sunday.

As we all know, Sunday night is Opening Night for MLB baseball as the Texas Rangers take on the Houston Astros in the first game of the 2013 season and the Astros’ first game as an American League team. Given my chosen profession, it’s a must see, right?

Well, March 31st also happens to be my wedding anniversary. With a dear friend in town, a celebratory dinner with him and the wife is a must, right?

But this coming Sunday also happens to be Easter Sunday and for those who aren’t friends with me on Facebook, allow me to introduce to you an annual celebration called Peepapalooza.

As a member of the Tribe (no, not those guys in Cleveland, the other Tribe), I have always felt slighted with the deliciousness of Easter candy and the blandness off Passover treats. I mean, how in the world to you compare Cadbury eggs, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies to macaroons and, forgive me, Kosher chocolate? It’s not even fair. So while I celebrate Passover with my family, I also celebrate Easter with my non-Tribal friends and in doing so, I have created Peepapalooza, a celebration of the greatest Easter candy ever created.

From 12:00 AM (PT) to 11:59 PM (PT) the only food items that I consume are Peeps, the heavenly marshmallow delicacy found in an array of fluorescent and pastel colors. I keep a count on my Facebook page with steady updates throughout the day with the hopes of always setting a personal record which happens to be 127, set in 2010.

In addition to my normal Facebook updates, this year Peepapalooza13 will be broadcast here on RotobuzzGuy.com, the RotobuzzGuy Facebook page as well as the @rotobuzzguy Twitter feed. Updates may vary based on where you are checking so hitting each one throughout the day will obviously give you the full effect and magnitude of such a glorious event. In addition to the live count, you’ll get witness testimonials and, of course, photos, as I join together Opening Night of MLB, my always enjoyable anniversary and the amazingness of Peepapalooza.

See you Sunday!


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