Talking Fantasy Baseball Closers and Relief Pitchers

by Howard Bender on March 26, 2013

grilliOne of the most highly contested debates in fantasy baseball circles is the value of closers and relief pitchers and where they should be taken in drafts. I have long been on the side of drafting upper echelon closers with strong job security rather than spend the season chasing saves and while the position may be one of the more volatile in baseball, the strategy has worked for me on a regular basis. I’ve tried the other side — cheap closers or even ignoring them in my fantasy baseball drafts — but the results have been far from successful. Quality fantasy baseball closers, in my opinion, are integral to your success.

But no matter which side of the debate you are on, my appearance on the Dear Mr. Fantasy podcast Monday night covered it all. We talked elite closers, sleepers, set-up men to watch, and more. We touched on a few other fantasy baseball related items, but for the most part, relievers were the primary focus.

Here’s a link to the show or you can just download it from iTunes. If you haven’t listened to these guys before, I certainly recommend checking out their archives as well. And if you’re on Twitter, you should think about following the hosts, Chris McBrien (@cmcbrien) and @TheFantasyDR.


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