Fantasy Football Week 6 Recap: The Tuesday Rant

by Howard Bender on October 16, 2013

eliSo how did you fantasy football team(s) do this past weekend? Not that every week doesn’t have its fair share of importance, but Week 6 was particularly crucial as it marked the midway point for many leagues’ regular season. Falling below .500 at this point in time can be a huge step towards an early exile from your fantasy playoffs and while it doesn’t guarantee your demise, it surely sticks you behind the 8-ball with a very steep climb ahead.  And knowing the way most fantasy football enthusiasts think, there has to be someone to blame, right? It sure isn’t your fault. You’re not out there on the field. How can it be your fault? Well, now here’s your chance to get it all out, and believe me, there’s plenty to get out. For every one great performance we saw during Week 6, we saw at least a half dozen others who now need a smack upside the head for their complete and utter lack of production. The angst inside is starting to push the bile up my throat right now, so it’s time to save myself the pain of an ulcer and let it all out.

What better place to start than with the most productive guy in fantasy football posting the least productive day? Thanks for nothing, Jimmy Graham. His no-show did happen to help me out in one league, but in several others, it was a disaster of epic proportions. To compound the horror, we’re still technically waiting for the MRI results on his foot/ankle which was apparently the cause of his lousy day. The latest reports say that the injury is minor and he’s also got the bye week coming which means extra time off, but if you’ve been reliant on his production, this is now two weeks without him and it’s doubtful that your back-up tight end is going to even come close to producing at his level.

Is it finally time to cut Eli Manning loose? Come on, man! This kid (and I say kid because he looks like a little nine year old who’s about to cry every time he comes off the field after throwing an interception) is killing us here. Killing us! With 15 interceptions so far, it doesn’t matter how many yards he’s throwing for, because each mistake is basically cutting 50 yards off his total in the realm of fantasy scoring. To make matters worse, these nightmarish performances are killing the value of the Giants receivers as well.. Sure, we see the occasional 100-yard performance from one of the guys, but figuring out when to start or when to sit either Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz is becoming unbearable.

While relying on a guy like Willis McGahee each week is a sure-fire way to finish dead last in your league, there are some times throughout the season where the match-up is just so tasty looking that you just know he’s going to produce. His Week 5 performance was rock solid and he was now facing a Lions team that had given up almost 125 rushing yards per game and ranked dead last in defending the running back screen. The conditions couldn’t have been any better for those dealing with bye week or injury issues. But lo and behold, McGahee showed you just why you don’t rely on him. Ten lousy carries for 37 crappy yards was all he provided while we all had to sit and watch Chris Ogey-Boogey steal a bunch of carries, catch all the passes out of the backfield and celebrate in the endzone. Blech!!

Ryan Broyles…worst sleeper pick of all time. Not just this week, but all year long. I’d rather own Nate Burleson and his broken arm right now.

The only reason I’m not lambasting Doug Martin right now is because it took him until Week 7 last year to do anything productive and we’re right at that point right now. But if he rushes for anything less than 100 yards with a a touchdown next week, he’s going to the top of my sh*t-list this time next week.

You can’t rail Randall Cobb for posting just five points in a standard league and then breaking his leg, but it sure does suck, doesn’t it? All those stupid trade offers I ignored…..dammit.

You know, there was a piece of me that didn’t want to draft Ray Rice. Seriously. I looked at his schedule and was concerned that the run defenses that he was going to face were going to potentially get the better of him. But did I listen? Noooooooo. Of course not. Now I’m looking at a first-round draft choice who missed one game due to injury and is averaging just under 40 rushing yards per game in the rest. Sure, I could blame myself for not listening to my gut, but I can also blame Rice for not being better. Get a move on it, buddy, or get the heck off my team.

Hmmmm. Now that I think about it, maybe Chris Givens is the worst sleeper pick of all time.

You know….save for two games this season, Demaryius Thomas has kind of sucked, no? Only one game over 100-yards, four games out of six that he’s been held out of the endzone? Am I angry with him or do I just hate the Wes Welker to Denver move that much more?

Either Anquan Boldin needs to learn how to shake the double-team or the 49ers need another friggin’ wide receiver out there to help draw coverage away. You can’t be a factor in fantasy football with four of your six games providing six or fewer points to your owners.

And finally, yes, Robert Griffin III can run. He’s definitely capable. But unless he’s rushing for 100-plus yards every week with multiple touchdowns, he’s about as useless a fantasy quarterback as you can get. How can you not throw a single touchdown pass against a team whose pass defense ranks 30th in the league, gives up an average of 308 passing yards per game and has given up 14 passing touchdowns already this season?  You’ve got to be kidding me, RG3!

Week 7 better provide some kind of turnaround for these guys. My patience is wearing thin.

Bender out.


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