Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: More From the Mock Draft Army

by Howard Bender on February 17, 2014

archer1With pitchers and catchers in camp and position players slowly trickling in, the fantasy baseball community continues to wake from its winter slumber. More and more people are looking to start their draft prep work early and the Mock Draft Army is filling up with tons of recruits ready to hit the draft room for battle.We took a look at the first draft right here on the site and then Eno Sarris, my editor over at FanGraphs asked me to write up the second one over there. But with interest rising, we ran two mock drafts last week and are happy to report the results for you again over here. Forgive the tardiness with the reporting, but you know that flu that’s been going around? Yep. It kicked the crap out of me and for the last four or five days I’ve been in a near comatose state, loaded with cold meds and trying to recover. It’s been tough (and gross), but I need to break out of this sweat-cocoon at some point and now looks like just as good a time as any. I won’t detail both drafts as I did in the past, but I’ll give you the participants, links to the draft board and a few notable highlights from each. Then, at the end, I’ve got a nice little surprise for you.

Mock Draft Army — Draft #3

Let’s start with the participants…

Howard Bender @rotobuzzguy
Timothy King @TKing978
Chris Meyers @Fantsychillpony
Tony M. @TheTonyM
Drew Bonner @DSE_Drew
David Wiers FanGraphs @davidwiers
Pasko Varnica @varnica123
Tim C. @letsgobucs87
Dean Schleicher @DeanSchleicher
Duran Spray @sprayd
Nate M.
David Biester

The Draft Board

Random Thoughts:

We dealt with a bit of draft room difficulty here in out first go-around on Mock Draft Central, but once things got going, we cruised through this draft rather quickly. I loved my first seven picks in this one; absolutely loved them. After that, my player queue got raided like a parent’s liquor cabinet at a high school party. Sure, they left me a few favorites — Sonny Gray, Oswaldo Arcia, and Chris Archer — but for the most part, many of my picks were “settled for” rather than “really want.” It happens. Nothing you can do but roll with the punches and try to adapt.

A few picks that I really liked from some of the others include: Jose Abreu, Rd. 7 (Slippery Rock Sliders), Michael Brantley, Rd. 20 (Pasko Varnica), Miguel Gonzalez, Rd. 20 (David Wiers — sneaky move taking the Phillies SP who seems to be forgotten about way too often), Khris Davis, Rd. 16 (Drew Bonner)

There were probably a few more highlights, but my brain is still feeling like a plate of scrambled eggs right now. For a different angle though, you can check out David Wiers’ write-up for this draft over at FanGraphs.

Mock Draft Army — Draft #4

With so much interest, we upped it to 15 teams for this one. Here’s who took part:

Howard Bender @rotobuzzguy
David Kerr @AskROTObaseball
Trader X @FantasyTrade411
Michael Clifford @slimcliffy
Brad Johnson The Hardball Times @BaseballATeam
Scott Gilroy @jintman
Tony Goldenstein RotoWire @ThatTonyG
Eric Caturia RotoWire @ETCat30
Tim McLeod @TimothyLMc
Jim M. The Shockers @obmij76
Arad M @nyyfan14
Adam @WaiverWarrior
Evan C. Evil Empire @careeryear
G.M. Traded Fister @goonar
LBK LBK’s Fake Team

The Draft Board

OK, so here we go. The truth comes out. This mock was a total disaster for me as it was, pretty much, a peak moment of my illness. It started to come on the night before during the Baseball Prospectus AL-only mock auction, but during this draft, all hell broke loose. I puked four times between Rounds 1 and 14 and then spent the rest of the draft dry-heaving in a bucket while huddled up in a corner on my couch. I spent more time shedding blankets, re-wrapping myself and then shedding blankets again than I did focusing on my draft. I tried to keep up appearances by chatting it up in the draft room, but in truth, I just needed to go stick my head in the toilet for an hour.

I did hit a few of my marks with 2014 favorites such as Prince Fielder and Mark Trumbo early and Chris Archer and George Springer late, but you can tell where my queue got busy with a reach for Elvis Andrus in the third round, Mike Minor in the sixth and the whole mess we see between Rounds 9 through 11. But that’s the way it goes folks. Sometimes you’re not at your best and the show must go on. The draft waits for no man, no matter how sick he might be.

But I don’t want to slight this draft in any way and, thankfully, at least one drafter has come to my rescue here. We can all thank Jim, owner of The Shockers, who took the results from this draft and did a little extra work for me/us. With the help of something called Mr. Cheatsheet and projections from Steamer, Jim put together a standings projection for the draft which you can see below. I’m relieved to know that my illness only has me in 11th rather than last, but does anyone else find it funny/suspicious that The Shockers are in first?

Overall Projected Standings (Using Projected Team Starters Only)
Shockers 5 14 15 14 15 11 9 8 9 9 109
Evil Empire 10 15 12 9 8 13 3 14 7 2 93
NYYFan14 15 2 14 5 10 8 5 11 11 6 87
Tim McLeod 14 8 13 12 6 5 9 6 6 7 86
WaiverWarrior 2 13 8 13 4 3 11 4 12 12 82
Brad Johnson 6 7 6 3 13 2 14 1 13 13 78
LBKs Fake Team 7 3 2 4 5 14 2 15 14 11 77
AskRotoBaseball 4 12 11 15 1 9 4 9 4 8 77
FantasyTrade411 1 10 5 6 3 1 15 2 15 15 73
Running with Scissors 3 4 1 2 14 6 12 7 10 14 73
RotobuzzGuy 11 5 10 8 11 10 6 5 2 5 73
Traded Fister for a BJ 9 11 7 10 7 4 12 3 5 4 72
Mike Clifford 13 9 9 11 2 7 6 9 3 1 70
Glove Love 12 1 4 1 9 12 6 12 8 10 75
Dexter Spivey 8 6 3 7 12 15 1 13 1 3 69

In all seriousness, though, big thanks to Jim for taking the time to put this together.

Now, as far as the surprise goes, I guess it’s not really much of a surprise as just a helpful tool. If you take a look at my latest piece over at Mock Draft Central, you’ll see that I have compiled ADP data using the four drafts of the Mock Draft Army. With it, you’ll be able to see some legitimate ADP numbers where you know that everyone participating gave everything they could to the entire draft. Throughout the week, I’ll be matching up our data with that of some of the bigger sites so we can compare.


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